Returning Production soon!

During the last few months after Hurricane Maria's devastating effects, things are finally picking up again. The computer was successfully salvaged, and all the assets from One-Thousand Paper Cuts were recovered! While updates will be slower than before, the project will keep receiving updates from now on. As a gift, please, keep downloading and enjoying 1KPC's v0.3.0.0, and watch for new updates in the coming weeks.

Things to come:

-New and improved Garden Level

Falling to the floor still breaks the game though!

-Some Fixes to Office Level 

Finally, the keyboard, monitor, and phone are at least *close* to this century!

-Better handling of combat system

-Revamped Extras menu

One Thousand Paper Cuts Title Screen

Current State of 1kpc

And as always, see you on the other fold, Sensei!

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