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Back on track
After a long delay due to several changes that happened in the course of the project’s life, it is now finally back on track for development! A new update to...
1 file — 0.6.323
Returning Production soon!
During the last few months after Hurricane Maria's devastating effects, things are finally picking up again. The computer was successfully salvaged, and all the...
Small Issues with progress
Hey all! Just a quick update. As most of everyone here knows, Puerto Rico got hit by a strong Cat. 4 Hurricane, Maria, and prior to that Irma. These two Hurrica...
Update 0.3 is out!
Hey guys! After a month of dealing with some weird bugs with Unreal Engine, we've finally managed to get the game's new features working how they're supposed to...
1 file
Updates to Leaderboard application!
Added in more placeholders internally for the development of leaderboards. Next version is Bugs: Fixed some issues with music on Garden level...
1 file
Update is out!
Patch notes: Leaderboards now active Compete for highest spot in the leaderboards. "Nani?!" New enemy has arrived! Good luck fending off this nasty Arachnid. Ne...
2 files
Fixed enemy AI! More difficult to defeat! Added pause screens, because who doesn't need a break? New Map! Forest Changed to Garden Office Map placeholders Adde...
1 file
New Garden Level Added
Now after overhauling a lot of the code, removing a lot of unneeded files, I've begun remaking the forest level, and optimizing it, as well as adding a new vari...
1 file
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For those of you who haven't yet, you can join our Discord by clicking here! Help me make the game better for everyone i...
started by Stardust Games Oct 05, 2019
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Welcome! Please report any bugs that you may find during your playthroughs within our discord!
started by Stardust Games Jul 06, 2017
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